Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1 Year Celebration & Lake Fun

Should I introduce myself again? I know I know I’ve been MIA but It’s been a busy 2 weeks friends!

Reid and I recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary @ one of the best steakhouses in town. Snaps for him for the beautiful flowers and perfect night. I must admit, I felt pretty special getting dressed up and being wined and dined that night!

ann 2                               ann

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I die over this LBD….anyone want to take a wild guess at where it was purchased from???? Marshalls….can you believe it???


Enough of the mushy stuff…for the 4th of July we spent 5 days at Lake Sam Rayburn. Goodness I didn’t realize how much I needed a break from work. It was so nice to be off and spend time with fam & friends. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t to excited at first about “roughing it” travel trailer style, but at the end of the weekend I didn’t want to leave. Tons of time in the sun was spent with some delish cocktails & catching up with old friends. Sometimes it’s the little things in life we forget to enjoy!



Can you see why it was so hard to come back to work??? What did you do fun on the 4th??


Shayna said...

Happy Anniversary to you & Reid! & looks like y'all had a great 4th! We spent the day on the lake soaking up the sun! Glad you're back lady!!!

The Cavallaro's said...

obsessed with your LBD! I can't belive you got that at Marshalls! It is super cute! And Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a great time on your anniversary and celebrating the 4th! :)

Natalie and Lee said...

Enjoying your blog, this is the first Sunday Social post I have seen! I think I'm behind... what a great post! Going to catch up more on your blog:)