Monday, October 15, 2012

Football & Friends

If you have a man in your life or better yet living in the same house and you, I’m sure you can relate to my weekend. Actually its every weekend for that matter. I’m now spitting out stats and names of players like a pro!

My fiance basically drug me out of bed to get dressed and get ready to meet his friends and some family for lunch and to watch football that started at 11 am. Really??? I honestly didn’t mind a bit because it was some friends that we don’t get to see a lot so it was def fun times. Some of the girls and I even left for a bit to shop at Ulta. Win Win for everyone! Later that afternoon we headed out to tailgate for the Texas A&M v. La Tech game that was played in our very own Shreveport, LA.

game 3

We tailgated with friends, co workers, and I even met a new blog friend. I met the sweetest lady through Reid’s co worker & we hit it off immediately. Somehow we got to talking about blogs and we read a lot of the same ones. Now we are followers of each other. Its so neat because I’ve never met an actual blog friend. Check out Leslie's blog sometime.



game 1                             game 2

The night was fun but pray we don’t attend a college football game that starts at 8pm ever again. I need a lot of rest after this weekend.


Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I love football myself. :)

Leslie Ball said...

Hey lady!!
It was soooo good to meet you as we'll ;) I havent had a chance to catch up and add you but plan on doing it!!
Lets do dinner with the hubs if you guys head to L town! Would be fun!! Talk soon ;)