Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I’m Loving Wednesday


I’m Loving that today is the beginning of my 4 day weekend!

I’m Loving that I get to spend Thanksgiving with all of my family!


I’m Loving that I get to spend time with my precious Nana who misses me as much or more than Reid ;)

nana 2

I’m Loving that I get a fresh set of roots today…..I’m so embarrassed my roots have gotten this bad!


I’m Loving my newest bride to be accessory.


I’m Loving the flowers sent by the sweet fiance. He sure knows how to brighten my day.

flowers reid

I’m Loving that Sunday I will being to decorate my house for Christmas….my favorite time of the year.


And of course I’m Loving my wonderful fiance who I am more and more thankful for every day.


Happy Thanksgiving Yall!


Rachel Easley said...

Stopping by from WILW link up...I love getting fresh roots too! Haha. And I just can't wait to put up our Christmas decorations this weekend. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I can't wait to put up Christmas decorations either!

Anonymous said...

Four day weekends are always great!
I really need to get my roots done.. ugh and I need my hair cut so bad. Haha!
Love the pictures :)
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ♥
Stopping by from WILW