Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthdays & Bull Riding


Happy Monday! I am pretty excited to be back in the office today and have a normal routine. I feel as if I have been on the road and away forever!

Even though we had a busy weekend, I was so thankful I got to spend the weekend home. I haven't been at my house for the last 3 weekends and oh my was it driving me cray cray!!! Being such an organized person, I felt as if I had been living out of a bag for weeks. Ok so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. Anyways, Friday night we all went to Superior Bar & Grille for my sisters 21st bday party. We had about 16 people come to celebrate the big 2-1 with Hales. Once we wrapped up dinner, Horseshoe Casino was next on the list. I am not a big gambler unless its with someone elses $$$ However, I am afraid thats not the case with Hales. She has taken up the craps tables....she played until 2 a.m. & came home with some ca$h!!!

I remember my 21st like it was yesterday....and yes I do remember it. I hope hers was everything she wanted and more! Saturday morning at my house reminded me so much of my college days. I wake up to a girl on the couch and 3 girls piled in Haleys bed. Since I'm an early riser now days I decided to make breakfast for all the girls....I knew they'd be STARVING when they woke & they were! So I decided to make a new reciped I acquired from a friend. Sausage and cream cheese crescent rolls. OMG they were sooo delish :) You can find the recipe here. Everyone must of enjoyed them because they were gone in about 60 seconds!
Because I'm finally becoming dedicated, I went for a morning run. It felt so good to know that I ran not only because I felt fat after Friday night but because I "needed" to. The rest of the day consisted of Target, Cavenders(for my cowboy :), and lunch. We ate lunch at a local resturant and known to most of the Shreveport residents, Herby K's. "Home of the Shrimp Buster" I also got to try Abita Strawberry beer. Being from TX, this isnt a big deal but apparently in Louisiana it is. People buy cases at a time only because its seasonal and made with real Louisiana Strawberries. I have to admit though it was pretty good!

Saturday evening Reid and I had planned to attend a friends wedding here in Shreveport. When I say I feel awful about napping until time to go, I do! Guess we were soo tired but gahh who does that? So last minute we decided to attend the CBR in Bossier City. For some reason I loovve bull riding. Guess it may have something to do with the fact that the movie "8 Seconds" is my fav movie. It was so nice to be able to spend Saturday night just Reid and I. It has been forever that we've done exactly what we wanted to.

What did your weekend consist of??? Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


Suze said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Hope your sister had a great birthday- sure sounds like it :)

Found your blog through A Day in the Life. Glad I did!

Shauna said...

What a fun weekend!

Happy Monday,

Courtney @ The Daily Wags said...

looks so fun! its been a long while since Ive been to a casino.. Even though Im not a big gambler either (i stick with the penny machines) I do love me a good ole casino!!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Looks so fun!! Love your outfit!!! :)

thecoffeehouse said...

haha. i am the same way ... give me a hundred bucks and i'll gamble any day.