Monday, April 2, 2012

GNO & Prom

Happy Monday Y'all! I hope you all survived this crazy day as I barely did!

Soo luckily my weekend started last Thursday(yes I felt as if I were in college again). Some girlfiriends and I had dinner and drinks at Superior Bar & Grill. And if any of you haven't heard of this place it's a must! Now I will warn you and say that the margaritas are deadly & will knock those pretty little heels out from under you. Just ask me! After dinner I joined in on some fun at a co workers house for sangria on the patio. Again I felt as if I were in college due to a) having plans on a Thursday night b) sipping on cocktails on a "work" night and c)going from one place to another. We had so much fun just hanging out, laughing, and doing some gossiping that we cant do @ work ;) Later on that night a few of the girls needed some Chinese food to get them through the night and well I had to have at least a fortune cookie. Please see below for my fortune. China Bear knows me too well. Loves it!!!

So our "Precious"(my sweet baby sister) had a date to Prom this past Saturday. Something would be totally wrong if I didn't brag a little bit. Abbey was absolutely beautiful. I felt as if she went from a little girl to a beautiful young woman in the blink of an eye. I spent the whole day with her as she got a pedi, nails, hair and makeup done. Her date was just as sweet as everyone described. We were so blessed to not have to worry about her the whole night. Thank the Lord there are still gentlemen at this day and age. Now I'm not gonna soon as she left I cried. I cant help it though....she is growing up fast and I feel old, but most importantly I'm so proud of the sweet little lady she has become. Hers presh!

Is she not a doll???

And this my friends just about sums up my weekend! GNO & playing dress up with the little sister....what more could a girl ask for???

Hope everyone has a fab week!!!


Shayna said...

That's so sweet! I remember when my little brother went to prom... I couldn't believe he was old enough, ALREADY!!! Have a great week!