Wednesday, April 4, 2012


ROADTRIP-One of my most fav things to do!

Bags are packed and ready to head to Dallas. Not only is Dallas one of my fav places to shop but a few pretty special friends live there as well. I'm actually going to visit my college roomie/soroity sister!!!! So excited :) Kayla and I lived together for 3 years in college and were roomates in the Delta Dome(Tri Delta house) I miss her more than ever. Crazy to think by senior year we were ready to dive off into the big world but both would like a few more years living as poor college kids in the Dome. I'll give you a sneak peak of us hmm about 5 years ago ;)

Weren't we Ador???

So while I'm in Dallas I will visit Kayla's kinder class! I can't wait to see the little munchkins :) Then I will hit up Northpark Mall....I Die!!!! This trip has been planned for several months so you can imagine how much $$$ I've saved and cant wait to splurge like no other. Seriously this is a high for me! Curious to know what I have my eye on??? I'll let you in on a few things:

 Colored Wedges- A MUST for the Spring/Summer. Not sure what color yet....any ideas?
 Tory Burch Flip Flops- I am dying to have the came color pair! Nordstrom better have them or I will be one unhappy shopper.
 Lipgloss- Theres no word to describe my crazy obsession with it. Along with gloss, I basically love any kind of make up. Thats why I plan to drop in at Sephora and get all new make up :) Plus as a Beauty Insider you get 15% off & ends tomorrow!
Colored Skinnies- I die!!!! I cant wait to wear coral or mint skinnies to girls night! I plan to purchase coral, mint, pink, and blue. Any more suggestions??? Oh and also mint heels are on my list.

Now dont worry these aren't the only items on my list....just a few. I plan to buy many sundresses and cute tanks that can be paired with wedges, scarves, layered necklaces, etc.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend as I wont be back blogging until Monday. At that time I will let you all know how my shopping trip turned out along with the much needed QT w/Kayla.

Now I'm off to Dallas! See you loves later ;)


Samantha George-Realtor said...

Just found your blog & thought I'd say hello :) I highly recommend the colored skinnies, just bought a red pair for myself. Have fun in Dallas!

I'd love if you check out my blog when you get a chance :)


Shayna said...

Have fun in Dallas & hope you have a safe trip!

Amy said...

When I saw you were going to Dallas I wondered where you were from...I'm in S'port too! Small world! I haven't stumbled upon any other bloggers in our town...Have fun shopping!


The Bombshell Next Door said...

Love love those skinny pants where did you get yours? :)

Michelle said...

LOVE those mint heels and colored skinnies!!

-Michelle @

Sophie said...

Those coloured wedges are so cute!