Monday, May 14, 2012

25 Things All About Me

  Happy Monday Friends! I've been such a stranger once again but no more trips for a while so I don't have an excuse from now on.

So one of my blogger friends Shayna tagged me in a post & I couldn't not play along!

Today I'm going to share 25 random facts about moi that you may or may not know! How exciting!

1. If I could pump Sweet Tea through my veins I would.

2. I completely believe in the pencil test and that it determines how many and gender of your babies. Everyone should try it! I know several people that have 100% accuracy.

3. On that note.....I want 4 kids so bad!

4. I once met Paris Hilton at a night club in Vegas.

5. About a month ago was the first time I'd seen my real nails in 7 years. I've had solar nails that long and just migrated to shellac!

6. November 2012 will be my first Rock-N-Roll Marathon to compete in.Pretty scary considering I've never ran more than 5 miles in my life!

7. I get addicted very easily to things. Pinterest, Twitter, Blogging, Fb, etc. and feel guilty when I don't check in or blog for a few days.

8. Along with a business degree, I also have my teaching certification.

9. Diet fads get me everytime. I'll try anything once....currently trying the Dukan Diet.

10. Organizing is one of my hobbies and makes me feel like I have a fresh start on things.

11. I enjoy cooking :)

12. I don't own a bottle of sunblock(which I probaly will this year). I've realized it does make a difference in peoples skin.

13. I loove meeting new people and thats one of the main reasons I created a blog.

14. Lived in Louisiana for almost 3 years and still have my TX license plate and driver license. Always a TX girl!

15.  Erin Condren planners have changed my life! Ok maybe thats a little dramatic but def an essential tool when being organized.

16. I'm the most sensitive person ever and hate when anyone is upset or mad at me.

17. Even though I love my job and wouldnt trade it for anything, I dream of being a stay at home mom!

18. Never have I ever had contacts, glasses, or braces! Guess I'm pretty lucky.

19. My handwriting is the worst!

20. Reality TV is another weakness of mine. I live for reality TV! Who's watching the Bachelorette tonight???

21. I can't stand to stay a night alone at the house. For some reason I'm always afraid of someone breaking in or kidnapping me :/

22. Country music is really all I listen to these days.

23. Chips and salsa is probaly my favorite meal. Yes I said MEAL!

24. Before I found the man of my dreams, I already had my wedding planned! Ha crazy I know!

25. Everyday I feel more and more blessed to have the life I've been given and I owe it all to our Lord and Savior. I wouldn't be where I am without faith and prayers.

                                         Hope you've enjoyed and even learned a few new things!

                                                                   So, here's the rules:

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Andrea D said...

Googling the pencil test right now..and a little bit terrified to see the results! As long as they're not the same as my "MASH" results from junior high, when I was predicted to have upwards of one thousand kids, I think I'll be okay though.

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Thanks so much for tagging me!!! I loved learning more about you in this post! :) Thanks again girlie!

Kelly said...

haha I just stumbled across your blog. I live in Illinois, but I have a lot of family in the south. Sweet tea (or even unsweetened. shock) is a staple at my house at all times! we drink it like it's going out of style.

elizalouise.bell said...

Just found your blog and I have to say...I am in LOVE! Your life is so cute and I love your posts! This is a good post and I also could eat chips and salsa as a meal....but only Mexican restaurant chips and know? The complimentary ones you get at the table? I hate bottled salsa! Only fresh!!


Shayna said...

YAY! So fun! It does sound like we have quite a few things in common! I love it! Thanks for playing along!

lori said...

thanks for the tag, lady!!

you must tell me though.. what is the pencil test?!

Shoshanah said...

I've been living in Louisiana for almost 6 years now, and I still have my California drivers license. I have however moved to Louisiana license plates on my car. And just letting you know I found your blog through Kelly's Korner.

Jess said...

Hi from Mingle Monday - I'm running my first marathon this fall too! I'm totally nervous about it!! Hope your training goes well! :)