Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Go For the Goal

                                                                       May Goals

Today I'm joining Lori for the May Go For the Goal link up party! I love to set new goals because even if I dont meet the previous months, I get to start fresh & well that always gives a boost to my feelings. I decided to cheat a little and scribble my goals in my Erin Condren planner so I'm going to share that way!

1. Since I've signed up for the half marathon in November, I decided its time to add on to my run. Baby steps....

2. Most of the time I'm a fanatic about my face but since I've been soo busy lately, I'm guilty about skipping my nightime facial routine. I'll pay for it later so guess I should get back into the habit.

3. Mrs. Beth(Reid's mom) gave each of the boys and girlfriends a devotional book for Christmas and we promised to finish it & I'm going to keep that promise.

4. June 22 is the big day! I will be testing to acquire my PHR Certification. Coming home from work and studying just doesnt sound fun but hard work will hopefully pay off!

5. Since I'm always on the go during the week, it's so hard to come home and cook dinner for party of 1. I know eating out isnt good for my diet or bank account.

6. Reid and I have been up in the air for a while now on vacation plans. He hasn't had a vacay in about 2 years now & well I can't say the same but it's overdue for me too. The beach is def calling our name :)

Looks like I've got a full month ahead of me so I better get busy!

What are you goals for May?


Samantha George-Realtor said...

No better way than writing them down :) I have an actual planner, too! That's the only way I can function! Vaca sounds amazing!


thecoffeehouse said...

goal #1: see my sweet baby nephew who i haven't seen in months. ugh. can not wait!!

Meghan said...

Thanks for linking up with us! I love your half-marathon goal! I get really happy when I see other runners:) Best of luck!

lori said...

thank you for linking up with us, holly!!

i love that you wrote your goals in your EC planner... its good to have them there as a reminder!

and im totally with you on eating out... my hubs is working nights right now, so i usually cook lunch... and its so tempting to just pick up something for dinner rather than fixing something at home. but you do spend a lot of money, and consume more calories when you eat out as well!